Description of Clomid

Description of Clomid

Clomiphene citrate belongs to the new generation of antiestrogens. It found its application both in medicine and in sports. It is widely used by bodybuilders and other strength athletes.

Athletes use the agent to block estrogen receptors. Clomid is used during post cycle therapy.

Application in medicine

Originally, the drug was used as a medicine to reduce the symptoms of diseases and to treat disorders in the body leading to infertility. The use of clomiphene stimulates the maturation of the egg in women and contributes to a successful conception.

Medical fields of application:

  • uterine bleeding
  • violation of the regularity of menstruation or its complete absence
  • polycystic ovaries
  • insufficient amount of sperm during ejaculation in men

Although the drug has been used successfully in treating female fertility, its role in treating male infertility has not been adequately studied. The drug is much more widespread among professional athletes.

Description of the drug

Description of the drug

In bodybuilding, Clomid is used to block the effects of estrogen. This is necessary to increase the body’s testosterone production and maintain an active pituitary-hypothalamus-ovarian arch. Long-term use of steroids reduces the body’s production of the male hormone testosterone. To bring its level back to an acceptable level, it is necessary to take antiestrogens, especially clomiphene citrate.

Blocking the action of estrogens, the drug does not affect aromatization and can reduce side effects resulting from prolonged use of anabolic steroids. The concentration of clomiphene in the body increases the level of gonadotropic hormones. Some of them stimulate the increase in the amount of testosterone to the level necessary for the proper functioning of the reproductive system. Such hormones have a positive effect on the maturation and activity of sperm.

Another undoubted advantage of the drug is the lack of an androgenic effect. Reviews of experienced athletes confirm the effectiveness of this antiestrogen and its effectiveness in increasing the production of gonadotropins and testosterone. These properties are highly appreciated by athletes who cannot do without using steroids to maintain the desired physical shape.

Taking the drug allows you to keep testosterone levels at the appropriate levels, while the level of gonadotropic hormones will return to normal as soon as you stop taking it.

Many athletes are concerned about the risk of side effects from taking clomiphene. If you take the drug according to the instructions, the risk of negative reactions will be minimized. In rare cases they can be:

  • headache and dizziness
  • nausea and stomach pain
  • blurred vision
  • sudden hot flashes
  • regular fatigue, insomnia, decreased performance

Some researchers provide data showing a small effect of clomiphene on the liver. However, its toxicity is lower than that of other agents with a similar effect. Blood clots can also form after ingestion. To minimize its appearance, the medicine must be drunk with plenty of water.

Therefore, Clomid can be used by both men and women. Reviews about it are generally positive. Tablets are stored in a dark, dry place at room temperature. It must be ensured that children and animals do not have access to the medicinal product.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use

The use of pharmacological agents to lower estrogen levels is common practice among athletes taking steroids. Clomiphent Citrate is used in post cycle therapy to reduce the negative effects of anabolic steroids and increase gonadotropin and testosterone levels.

Only men take the drug for sports purposes. For women, it is prescribed for medical reasons. In sports practice, the use of clomiphene by female athletes is considered inappropriate.

The recommended dose for men is 50-150 mg per day. The duration of the course is 2-3 weeks. The dose and duration of administration are determined individually, taking into account the general condition of the body, the duration of anabolic steroid intake and other factors.

Clomiphene does not have a long-term anti-estrogenic effect, therefore daily intake of the drug is required for effective action on the body. It is important to stick to the recommended dose without increasing or decreasing it.

The best time to take Clomed is after completing the steroid cycle. This is essential to protect the body from all possible side effects, and it also reduces the risk of catabolism.

Taking clomiphene requires strict adherence to the instructions and a certain regimen. All the details of the intake and properties of the drug can be found on our forum. In it you can read in detail the properties of many other anabolic steroids and antiestrogens important for athletes. You can read the published reviews and comments of athletes who already have extensive experience in taking such measures.

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